Computer Club

Group members really enjoy their weekly Touch-Type Read and Spell computer group, which has been running since Easter 2000.

Touch-Type Read and Spell is a programme that leads the student through the basic process of learning to touch type. The course is broken down into small steps that the student can work through at their own pace. At the end of each module the student is given a score and so the programme introduces a competitive element where each week they can work harder to improve their previous scores.



The programme has been proven to increase hand to eye co-ordination and finger manipulation. The student learns to copy from text, differentiate lower and upper case lettering and become more confident in the use of keyboard and mouse.

Philip Alexandre who is also the national course director designed Touch-Type Read and Spell. The Bexley Downs Syndrome Group is very grateful to Philip for allowing us a licence to use the course for our special needs group.

For more information contact Ken Conie